Field Pictures

ORPHEE, Southwestern France

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(A) Orphee from above, April 2019 (c) Raphael Segura . (B) Walking between the pure pine and pure birch monoculture plots.
Soil 15N labelling experiment around budburst, March 2020.
(A) Soil incubation core. (B & C) Recovered ion-exchange resin after its six month incubation.

Big thank you to all from the INRAE team, who helped for both field and lab work: Malika Aimaiti, Andreas Altinalmazis-Kondylis, Laurent Augusto, Mark Bakker, Lucie Bon, Bastien Castagneyrol, Coralie Chesseron, Adèle Courbineau, Léa Danies, Léa Delmas, Nicolas Fanin, Nathalie Gallegos, Ulysse Gaudaré, Céline Gire, Julien Hennequart, Hervé Jactel, Marko Kvakic, Cathy Lambrot, Soline Martin-Blangy, Kathina Müssig, Sylvie Milin, Sylvie Niollet, Maëva Pastoret, Christophe Poilleux, Pierre Pujos, Pablo Raguet, Bruno Ringeval, Laura Scolan, Pierre Trichet, and David Vidal.

Additional thanks to Wolfgang Wanek and Ye Tian (TER, University of Vienna) for help with method development.

IDENT, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada

More information about this field site here.

Mid-May, late July and early November 2019.

Gutters were installed between the trees for a 25% rain exclusion treatment.

(A) Litter traps sitting in a birch-maple plot. (B) Sampling larch needles and (C) pine needles early August for nutrient analyses.
(A) Post-bear training with the field work team, saying "Woah Bear". (B) Mighty November field team, who braved the -18°C and early snow to recover the ion-exchange resins and litter traps.

Another big thank you to the team in Canada: Bill Parker and Matt (Ontario Forest Research Institute), Ariane Belleau, Marie Coyea, Marie-Laurence Dame, Raphael Gaudreau, Patrick Leclerc, Alison Munson, Clémentine Pernot, Manuella Strukelj-Humphery (Laval University), Benoit Gendreau-Berthiaume (Institut des Sciences de la Forêt tempérée), and Laura Rose (Freiburg University).